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Your everyday wines, the ones you enjoy when you drink a glass of wine while you take a break or when you make a party with your Friends. Our traditional line offers various experiences and balanced flavors.


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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

Pairing up some wine? Easy, if you've got cold dishes, choose a #SauvignonBlanc, if you have some mature cheeses, pick a #CabernetSauvignon, and if you make a delicious pasta dish, pair it with a #Merlot. What are your favorite Frontera pairings?⁣

¿Maridar? Muy fácil, si tienes platos frescos o fríos, elige un #SauvignonBlanc, si tienes quesos maduros, prefiere un #CabernetSauvignon y si un rico plato de pasta, combina con un #Merlot. ¿Cuáles son tus maridajes favoritos con Frontera? #FronteraWines #Instafood

Cheers, food, more cheers, presents, family, and carols. We wish you nothing but love, a Frontera, and good music during this holiday season ❤️. Merry Christmas!🎅 ⁣

Brindis, comida, más brindis, regalos, familia y villancicos. Durante estas fiestas deseamos que jamás falte en tu vida amor, Frontera y buena música ❤️ . ¡Feliz Navidad! 🎅

Everyone thinks you're uptight and a workaholic that doesn't like spending money, but they don't know that, when it comes to having fun, you are the one to call 😎, Welcome to your season #Capricorn. Cheers🍷? #Zodiac #Horoscope⁣

Todos piensan que eres el serio, trabajólico y amante del ahorro, pero no saben que cuando se trata de gozar, sabes divertirte a lo grande 😎, biénvenido a tu temporada #Capricornio. ¿Salud 🍷 ? #FronteraWines #Zodiaco #Horoscopo

There’s not only more than one #Spiderman in the multiverse, but there’s also multiple #CabernetSauvignons😮, but the good news is that they're both just as amazing ❤️. Ready for the premiere 👀?⁣

En el multiverso no solo existe más de un #Spiderman, también hay más de un #CabernetSauvignon😮, lo bueno, es que el contenido es el mismo, solo cambia el formato ❤️. ¿Listos para el estreno 👀 ? #FronteraWines #SpiderManNoWayHome

Influential artists used to have a muse that inspired them. We sure aren't important artists, but this #SauvignonBlanc sure inspired us to have a glass of wine😜. Which Frontera inspires you?⁣

Los grandes artistas solían tener una musa inspiradora, bueno, nosotros no somos grandes artistas, pero si que nos inspira a tomar una copa esta botella de #SauvignonBlanc 😜. ¿Qué Frontera te inspira a ti? #FronteraWines #Instafood #Wine #Vino